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Aquaponics is a sustainable system of farming growing in reputation due to its very minimal use of water, its fractioned land usage compared to traditional farming, and its abundant production of fresh and delicious produce all year round. Additionally, aquaponics is a system of balance between plant and animal (aquaculture), creating its own ecosystem, forcing the farmer to run the system as naturally as possible as to maintain that precious balance. We believe aquaponics will change the global methods and perspectives of farming!


Emerge Aquaponics has been in operation since March of 2015 based outside of Black Forest, Colorado. Since 2015 we have been running a system out of a 2,800 square foot greenhouse complete with 500+ tilapia and 10,000+ plants! However, we are very excited to announce that we are currently in the process of expanding by a factor of 9! We are building a new 22,000 square foot greenhouse! We have exciting new places for our new greenhouse! Click the link below for details! 

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We love aquaponic grown organic produce! And you should too! So we love to add recipes to our recipe blog to encourage our community's love for aquaponics! Even better, our recipes come from our businesses from all over the world! 

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