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at the core of our business...

We want to see agriculture soar sustainably across the nations. That's why at Emerge we help like-minded agriculture businesses grow and flourish with aquaponics. 


A sustaining partner with Emerge Aquaponics, our Central Asia location features an 80 square meter greenhouse structure with 500 tilapia fish supplying enough nutrients to grow several hundred heads of lettuce, herbs, mirco-greens and other vegetables to sell through local restaurants and cafes. The vision is to use this small system as a testing site while we launch a branch location in Almaty, Kazakhstan  with a 20,000 square meter operation. 



Built for What Matters Most Ministries, this greenhouse consulting project is purposed in a rural town of Guatemala facing environmental detriments due to years of not properly caring for farmland. WMMM decided to build sustainability efforts in Casa Angelina by building an aquaponic greenhouse to renew self-sustaining food efforts. 

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Emerge consulted, funded, and helped construct a simple barrel system for a widows home just outside Nairobi, Kenya. Systems like this are perfect for rural areas with limited access to materials. 



Our newest consulting effort! The greenhouse in Swaziland is a large facility on an orphanage that has 200+ children all under the age of 6. They're vision is to be completely sustainable and they are using the greenhouse to not only feed their children but provide food for the surrounding community. It is a 30,000 square foot greenhouse with the first phase of aquaponics already operational.