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  • Do you give tours?
    Yes! We can set up tours for individuals, families or groups. Please contact us and set up a time to visit our greenhouse. **PLEASE NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are putting tours on hold but please feel free to contact us to set up a time for after everything settles back down.
  • Do you grow anything besides lettuce?
    At this point we have only a select number of leafy greens, mostly lettuce. You can view what is currently available at our Online Store.
  • Can I buy wholesale for my restaurant?
    Of course! We have some amazing wholesale clients who we love to serve with high quality product every week. If you have a restaurant, cafe or grocery store and would like to buy product from us, send us a note and we'll get back to you
  • Can I come volunteer?
    Yes! We love to engage the community around us through volunteer opportunities. It's a great way to learn aquaponics, enjoy a fun atomosphere with friends, and feel good about helping others. Send us a note to get more details
  • Are you still doing the Lettuce Serve You Event?
    As of May 1st, we will be phasing out of the Covid-19 response event we called "Lettuce Serve You." We will be transitioning into allowing people to purchase product ahead of time and during our Friday drive through event from 1-3PM, you can pick up lettuce. We want to continue seving our community so for every head of lettuce purchased, we will give away one head of lettuce to someone in need. Please purchase via our online store and bring your confirmation number to Friday Pick Up at our Ranch.
  • What is your address?
    Keep in mind that we are a working greenhouse operation and we have neighbors living nearby - please only come to our Ranch if: You have an appointment to meet one of our staff You have signed up and been approved to volunteer You have signed up and are set up to take a tour of our greenhouse You are coming on Friday between 1-3PM for your Lettuce Pick Up If you meet one of these requirements then we'd love to see you at: 4135 Shoup Road, Colorado Springs, CO, 80908.
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