Our Story

One day in what is now South Sudan, we got a phone call. A family living in a remote village in North Sudan was at the end of their rope. They were starving. They had no money. And yet, they were helping others around them who were even poorer. This not only tugged at our heart strings, it tore them. We had to do something about it. 


In 2010 we were first introduced to the concept of farming with aquaponics. We saw this as a fabulous opportunity to not only allow families living in poverty to grow their own food but also as a small business venture that could relieve the additional stress of providing for a family. 

Today we operate our own aquaponics system in a 22,000 square foot greenhouse on a 42 acre property nestled against Black Forest in Colorado. From here we grow, sell, train and engage our community to create an impact. Our team trains and consults in a dozen other locations around the world as well. 

Farmers Illustration

Aquaponics cycles the water through the system with no need to flush the water at any point. Therefore, we use 90% less water than traditional farming


By delivering nutrients directly to the root systems, we can plant crops more densely thus being space efficient and allowing for greater size harvests.


Not only does an aquaponic system produce leafy nutritious greens but it also produces high protein fish to harvest and eat for a rounded diet.