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What Makes our Lettuce Better?

At Emerge Aquaponics, we are dedicated to growing and selling the best lettuce in Colorado Springs. Every head is grown using organic methods in our USDA-certified greenhouse. We use aquaponics systems because they are very efficient, using 80% LESS water and 75% LESS energy than traditional farming. Plus, it is our mission to train entrepreneurs and help them build  their own aquaponics systems in vulnerable communities around the world. 


We harvest the morning of your pick-up or delivery order. That means the lettuce you get is the freshest possible.

We value our community and are committed to supporting and strengthening our ties by being responsible with our resources and honest in our practices.

We are committed to building aquaponic systems in communities around the world to provide jobs, income, and healthy food.



We love to partner with our community and have volunteers come  help harvest at our greenhouse. Every Tuesday and Friday mornings we welcome individuals and families to come learn about aquaponics in an  interactive and hands-on way. 

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